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About Us Peru Hiking Tours

Peru Hiking tours is a local company with a 100% professional staff in the tourist area and working many years in this activity. One of our priorities in this area is to promote sustainable tourism, we are aware of the damage that has been developing against our land (Pachamama), that is why we are committed to promote the good management of the centers Of tourist attraction and of course ourselves to develop it. Also Peru Hiking Tours has been developing and focusing on new routes, attractive that are not yet visited by tourists and that in the not too distant future will be of great importance in the social and economic development of our region with the tourist promotion of them all.

Frequently Asqued Questions

There are many aspects that a visitor must know before visiting a place, that is why Peru Hiking Tours has the obligation to report on clearly internal characteristics through the FAQ ABOUT PERU portal.

How is the weather of Peru?

Peru is a diverse country in the climatological aspect, the climate depends on the region where one is, there are warm, temperate, cold and frigid places, that is why the variety of species in flora and fauna. We have the ecologically established Coast, Sierra and Selva regions, the Coast is usually a tropical, arid and warm zone, the presence of rains is eventual during the year, however the zones of the Sierra and Selva are characterized by having two seasons, rain and drought, both have a duration of 6 months and on some occasions the rain season lasts for one or two more months. Peru Hiking Tours recommends consulting with your tourist services provider about the climate of the place you are going to visit, it is very essential to bring the appropriate clothes according to the area.


Nearly 80% of the ecological zones organized in the world are located in Peru, as a result of which there are more than 400 species of animals, including around 1700 types of birds and more than 2000 types of marine animals. Regarding the flora, studies were conducted giving results of more than 50000 species of flora which makes Peru attractive for the ecological part Tambien. This entry was tagged Biodiversity, FAQ, inca trail, Peru Information, Tips about Peru. Bookmark the permalink.